What resumes should include?

What resumes should include?

These are 8 key types of information that a resume should include:Name and Contact Info.Summary Paragraph.Employment History.Skills.Education.Community Involvement (Optional)Awards/Achievements You’ve Received (Optional Can be combined with other sections)

Should you include strengths on a resume?

Your resume should be in a current format that paints you as a qualified candidate for the job. Dedicating a section just to your strengths is outdated. A modern resume should be an overall reflection of strengths.

Should I include my major on my resume?

No. The only thing you will accomplish is to make everyone in the hiring department wonder why you are such a dope that you omitted one of the most important pieces of information you could include on your resume. It does not matter that your major is unrelated to the position you are applying for.

How do you write your minor on a resume?

You can choose to list your minor on the same line as your degree and major by simply separating your major and minor with a comma. Or you can choose to list your minor on its own separate line underneath the line with your degree and major.