What is client brief?

What is client brief?

A client brief is essentially a recorded document that helps in guiding and animating any project. The aim of a client brief is to convey what business problem they need help with, describe their overall brand persona, and define the end result they expect.

What are the duties of a contractor?

Responsibilities of principal contractorsmanagement and control of the workplace (including, without limitation, the coordination of the works on site);management of risks associated with the carrying out of the construction work;management of the security of the workplace to ensure no unauthorised access;

What is a construction project brief?

A Project Brief sets out, in construction industry terminology, the detailed functional/business requirements for a specific project. The Project Brief must be clear, use a consistent vocabulary and contain short, concise sentences with a minimum of punctuation. This will aid reading and prevent misunderstanding.

Who prepares project brief?

The Project Brief provides a brief of overview of the project and it is mainly written for the Project Board. It is used to provide a full and firm foundation for Initiating a Project and is created in the Starting up a Project process by the Project Manager.

What is project conception and initiation?

The Project Initiation Phase is the 1st phase in the Project Management Life Cycle, as it involves starting up a new project. You can start a new project by defining its objectives, scope, purpose and deliverables to be produced. Overall, there are six key steps that you need to take to properly initiate a new project.

What is a project initiation document?

This is accomplished by creating a Project Initiation Document (PID) – the top-level project planning document. In it, you bring together all of the information needed to get your project started, and communicate that key information to the project’s stakeholders. Defines your project and its scope.