Should I put substitute teaching on my resume?

Should I put substitute teaching on my resume?

The most important part of including your substitute teaching experience on your resume is the duties section. Most schools know what a substitute teacher does on a daily basis. You don’t need to rehash the job description of a substitute. Instead, use this space to celebrate your accomplishments.

Can you make a living as a janitor?

How Much Does a Janitor Make? Janitors made a median salary of $26,1. The best-paid 25 percent made $33,490 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $21,990.

What is substitute custodian?

Purpose: The Substitute Custodian, on an as needed basis, provides a safe, attractive, comfortable, and clean environment to ensure full and productive use of district facilities. To accomplish these tasks the Custodian must work closely with the supervisor, staff and administration of USD 231.

How much does a substitute custodian make?

Custodians/substitute custodians in the United States make an average salary of $33,255 per year or $15.99 per hour.

Do custodians make good money?

An experienced School Custodian with 10-19 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $14.72 based on 79 salaries. In their late career (20 years and higher), employees earn an average total compensation of $15.

What’s the difference between a custodian and a janitor?

In general, a custodian is someone who takes care of or is in charge of the same building or property at any given time of the day. A janitor comes to a location specifically to clean at a set time, typically either morning or nighttime.

How much do custodians make a month?

How Much Do Custodian Jobs Pay per Hour?Annual SalaryMonthly PayTop Earners$32,000$2,66675th Percentile$29,000$2,416Average$25,669$2,13925th Percentile$21,500$1,791

How much does a janitor get paid an hour?

As of , the average hourly pay for a Janitor in the United States is $12.37 an hour. While ZipRecruiter is seeing hourly wages as high as $15.14 and as low as $7.21, the majority of Janitor wages currently range between $10.10 (25th percentile) to $13.22 (75th percentile) across the United States.

How much does a janitor make at Walmart?

The typical Walmart Janitor makes $11 per hour. Janitor hourly pay at Walmart can range from $9 – $16.

What do custodians do?

A Custodian is responsible for keeping an area clean. They clean businesses, office spaces, warehouses and other indoor areas. Some may also complete outdoor cleaning work, such as sweeping sidewalks, washing windows, mowing grass and shoveling snow.

Is being a custodian hard?

The work is difficult and physically demanding. Janitorial work is hard, and often, unpleasant. Depending on the environment, janitorial work includes cleaning all types of bodily fluids, removing trash filled with food, liquids and other items, lifting heavy bags of trash, and scrubbing floors.

What is difference between custodian and depositary services?

Whereas depositories may manage portfolios and make decisions on behalf of a client, custodians execute the wishes of clients but do not make investment decisions on their behalf. Depositories exercise more control over client accounts.

What are janitors called now?

Janitors or cleaners, sometimes known as custodians, are responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of schools, apartments, hospitals, office buildings, manufacturing plants, and other public structures.

Why are janitors looked down upon?

Janitors are used to people leaving things behind for them to pick up. They’re used to being degraded and looked down upon by the very people they’re helping. Janitors are making your job easier every day. Just imagine if you had to clean up after yourself and the lazier ones around you all day at work or school.

What skills do janitors need?

Janitor Skills and Qualifications Cleaning and Maintenance, Physical Stamina, Physical Dexterity, Agility, Knowledge of Chemicals and Solvents, Time Management, Attention to Detail, Ability to Work Independently, Supply Management, Knowledge of Electrical Work and Carpentry.

Do janitors make more than teachers?

“Twenty public-school janitors rake in more than $140,000 a year—far more than the teachers whose classrooms get tidied up, records show,” he writes.