How do you put a senior project on your resume?

How do you put a senior project on your resume?

If you have education-related projects to listsuch as senior projects or projects from training coursesyou should consider adding them to your education section, listing them below your degree and university information.

What should I do for my Capstone?

The Best Capstone Project Topic IdeasNursing.Information Technology.Computer Science.MBA.Accounting.Management.Education.Engineering.

What do you do when your new job is a nightmare?

What to Do When Your New Job Is a NightmareAssess the Situation (and Yourself) Your new job may seem less than ideal for many reasons. Open a Dialogue. If your supervisor seems happy with your performance while you’re not happy in the position, it may be very easy to start a conversation about what’s making you miserable. Patience Is a Virtue. If You Leave.

How do I quit my job I just started?

How to quit a job you just startedThink and reconsider.Start job hunting.Draft your resignation letter.Submit your resignation personally.Keep doing your best.Reflect and move forward.