How do you add a license to your resume?

How do you add a license to your resume?

That’s when you need to dedicate a section for relevant certifications on a resume. Title the section, Certifications. If you have licenses as well, you can title the section, Licenses and Certifications. It’s more than okay to add both to one section.

How do you write juris doctor on a resume?

Be consistent in all sections of your resume. For example, if you use the abbreviation B.A. for your undergraduate degree, use J.D. for your law degree; if you write out Bachelor of Arts, write out Juris Doctor. The same applies to state names (either spell them all out or abbreviate them all).

Do online certifications matter?

If the qualification gained in the online course is relevant, they see certificates as advantageous for an applicant. Several recruiters specifically mentioned that online courses listed on an application should be relevant to the job position.

Are Harvardx certificates worth it?

I believe any Edx course is worth it as long as it is from a top University but even better and more valid is a Further Education diploma course from any University. As a little tip top companies keep on sending their corporate officers to take this courses on campus. see point No 2.