How do I check the status of my job application on LinkedIn?

How do I check the status of my job application on LinkedIn?

View Jobs You’ve Applied for on LinkedInClick the Jobs icon at the top of your homepage.Click Applied Jobs above the search bar.Click the More icon and select the action you want to take:Click the job to view the job details page and review the resume you used for the job application.

How can I see who viewed my LinkedIn profile in private mode?

You can’t view the names of members who’ve chosen to view your profile in private mode, even if you have a Premium account.If you have a Basic (free) account, you must choose Your name and headline if you want to see the viewer history on your own Who’s Viewed Your Profile page.

What if someone views your LinkedIn profile?

Start by making it clear why you’d like to connect, including how you might be helpful to them. You can either reference that they’ve viewed your profile or simply your reason for reaching out based on their background.

What counts as a profile view on LinkedIn?

Profile views A profile view is one where someone has consciously opted to look at your public profile. They might already be connected with you or not. Either way, getting more profile views is a good sign. On other platforms, this could be a bit of a vanity metric, but on LinkedIn, people are apt to do business.