Is it OK to have gaps in your resume?

Is it OK to have gaps in your resume?

Don’t worry if you have a gap on your resumeit’s all about how you explain your experience. A gap on your resume shouldn’t stop you from applying for a new job. Resume gap. Even the phrase is scary, calling to mind yawning chasms void of all light and soundand any hope for a new job.

How long is considered a gap in employment?

You have six months until employers really start to care about your gap in employment. Follow this advice from Zipjob’s team of career experts to quickly find a new job!

How do you justify gaps in a resume?

Be PreparedExplain why you’ve got gaps in your resume.Reassure the hiring manager why you won’t be doing it again.Share the value you picked up along the way.Keep your explanation short. Have a finish line so you don’t trail off into embarrassed silence.

How do you address a gap in employment?

There are a few easy-to-follow guidelines for how to address gaps in your employment history:Be prepared to talk about it. Having a gap on your resume won’t necessarily prevent you from moving successfully through the interview process. Be honest. Fill the gap. Keep it brief and exit if you need to.