Can you have more than one resume?

Can you have more than one resume?

Having multiple versions of your resume means creating a core resume for each job title or skillset in your job search. In this case, you should have one resume for software engineering and one for data science. You can then revise and tailor the right core resume to fit the job description.

Why does indeed have a limit?

There is now a 24 hour daily limit in the number of applications you can submit when we’ve identified that key qualifications or requirements may not be getting met.

What are the chances of getting hired after an interview?

Take the time to calculate your chances and realize that you likely only have a 25% chance of getting hired (after a four-candidate round of interviewing). With such low odds, realize that you need to do numerous small things well to stand out and gain a competitive advantage when others are waiting idly by.

Does an interview guarantee a job?

No, an interview is not a clear indication that you have the job. It means your application/resume drew their attention, but jobs are more than qualifications. They want to know your personality, analyze your skills, see if you’re a good fit, etc.